September 13, 2005

mr. whiddon gets me again...

d-now was wonderful, as i expected. it did not disappoint. there's just something about 350 6-12th graders worshipping our Christ. we ended up with a group of 10 8th graders and they were just precious. our host family was great as well. it was young couple (late 20's) and the wife is pregnant with twins. she was just so genuine and fun. the girls were so amazing to talk to and lin, kara, and i enjoyed sharing our faith and experiences with them. great, great times, and so encouraging and inspiring (as always) to see God move.

so, i have started picking up some little girls after school and babysitting them until their mamas, who work at the high school, get done with classes. both little girlies come from families that we have been friends with basically forever. like dads playing together in the playpen kinda thing. i am very excited, they are extremely cute with their little country accents telling me about their friends at school and why they like to color. anyway, today i took them up to the high school and while i was trying to figure out where to park to take them in, i saw my 11th grade chemistry teacher. in high school this guy had a stare-down like you wouldn't believe. i mean, you better not even think about answering a question wrong or acting confused. he would lock eyes with you, and at the beginning of the year we all thought we were the dumbest people ever (i personally still kind of felt that way at the end, but that's just me). he was serious business, and to be honest her was kind of scary.

but, as time went on he grew on me as i realized he was extremely intelligent and knew an obscene amount about chemistry. hats off to all people who understand chemistry. if you have some feelings you need to sort through or want to be encouraged, call me. if you need to know how many electrons are in the outter ring of mercury or the definition of a kelvin, call mr. whiddon, i cannot assist you at this time, my friend. he was hard, but one of those teachers who you are really glad you have later and after having him feel much more intelligent--like you accomplished an unattainable dream of actually making good on the tests. yet, with that being said, when i saw mr. whiddon today as he stood on the breeze way ushering loud and rowdy teens onto buses, the old feeling of "i am the dumbest person in the world" just flooded back over me. i mean, yes, ok, i accidently went in through and exit and went head to head with several angry bus drivers, but these things happen. and there he was just staring me down as i drove past him. and all of a sudden i was just a little 17 year-old girl working in the lab, gloves and goggles securely in place, staring blankly at chemicals trying to figure out how not to blow up the classroom. in the end, we escaped the yelling faculty members and got to where we needed to be (thanks to a 5 year old in the back directing me where to go). but everyone lived, and as i pulled off of memory lane, i was just thankful that i will never have to have another chemistry class as long as i live.

September 12, 2005

"every little gonna be alright..."

in case you're having a bad-tiring-frustrating-melancholy-discouraging-asking questions that don't have answers-or just wanting to throw in the towel moment or day. just look at the pure joy on that face. i mean, you can't look at him and not smile...oh, my heart (it's happy, let me tell ya)

September 09, 2005


this week is coming to a close :) it has been a good one, it just was kinda dragging a bit and friday is defintely welcomed. tomorrow after i get out of class at 2, lin and i are going to blackshear, ga, to lead a group of highschool girls at a 'discipleship now' conference. we are really excited. i had known about the d-now for some time because my roommate kara and her boyfriend, matt, are leading worship there. they have been practicing for it since we got back to school in early August and have been really pumped. tuesday we heard from a friend that they were really in need of leaders. i talked to lin about it and we decided it would be great fun and called and said we would help. supposedly there are a TON of kids signed up and i think it's going to be quite the throw-down. lin and i will be partners and will lead a group of 7 or so 13 year-old gals. we will stay at 'host homes' and lead Bible studies and participate in recreation. at night we will have worship with kk and matt, which is always wonderful. so please pray for the girls we will be leading as well as all the other girls and guys that will be there. and for us that we will be lights and examples and will help make their weekends fun and memorable. i know God will be speaking to the hearts of these young people. so exciting! wow, those girls that will be in our group don't know what they are getting into have us as leaders. i hope they can handle the random/silliness.

hope everyone has great weekends!

September 07, 2005

picture happy

here are some pics of the family in our recent adventure to the big city. fun times were had by all...

a neat picture i took of daddy at the mets game. he was like a kid in a candy store. good seats, huh?

awww, aren't they the cutest. my cute little parents who just celebrated the big 27 year mark. i just love 'em.

me and my beautiful mama partying hard.

i have no words for this one. pulled up beside the boys in a cab. this is my daddy in a nut shell, folks.

my gram and all her grand-babies--my bro, matthew, myself, and cousins amanda and tara

the end :)

wasting a little time, drinking a little diet coke

it is gorgeous in GA today. the hot-weather-extravaganza may very well be coming to a long-awaited end. i have experienced 21 GA summers, and i am pretty sure this has been the hottest one. maybe it was because i was just outside a lot more. running around chasing kids can get a little heated, i suppose. but nevertheless, i am enjoying the fallish turn.

i am up at the church right now working (i use that term very loosely), calling some people to give money to a young couple who used to be really big in the college ministry here. very involved and great warriors for Christ in our small college town. they were attending seminary in New Orleans and have lost pretty much everything. they are moving back here and the church is putting them up in one of our "missions" houses. stewart shared their situation with us last night at our meeting and brought up the idea of stocking up their house with some essentials--toiletries, snacks, towels, etc. i talked to daddy and we are going to get them some bbq, etc. as well so they can have a good meal when they get here. my awesome friend ET just brought a bunch of stuff up here, including a homeade cake and some cookies. yum. luckily, this couple evacuated and have been staying with family in GA. thankfully for them, they had family and the means to get out and away from katrina. knowing them, i am sure they are optimistic, thankful, and giving the situations completely to God--which we all must do as it is our only answer in this time of sadness and uncertainty. it feels good to be contributing in some small way. there are a bunch of other ways to help on campus as well, clothes drive, blood drives, etc. so that is good.

in other, less serious news--new york was great fun. my family and i enjoyed it incredibly much. it was nice to get away and spend time with my brother, cousins, etc. the party for my uncle was out of control a little bit. his name is harville hendrix and is a famous christian psychologist. he is pretty big time as he has been on oprah several times and has written several books. he is actually my dad's uncle, so we are not very close with him (besides seeing him at family reunions), but my grandmother raised him after their parents died, making them very tight. so he of course wanted ole' iris there and invited the whole fam to join the fun. he and his wife have established an organization for marriage and family therapy called Imago. it was cool to hear stories as people roasted the bday boy about how he and his wife have helped save their marriages and families, etc. since i feel led to christian counseling it was a neat to get a little taste of what a difference it can make. bottom line: the par-tay was fun times for all.

well, i should get back to being productive. what's next on my agenda as FBC college intern? well, it's going to pick up stewart, my college minister, from class. what is wrong with this picture? i didn't read the part in my contract about chauffering. luckily, stew makes for great laughs. randomness at it's finest right there, let me tell you.

have great days! love to all

September 01, 2005

painting the town

well in about 6 hours i'll be on a plane headed to the big city. I am going with the Tysons to New York to celebrate our uncle's birthday. it should be quite an event, and i am very much looking forward to the trip. i love ny, but i am especially excited because i get to see my big brother, whom i have not seen since may, as well as just get some fun times in with the fam (parents, gram, cousins, and uncle). with the busyness of life we really don't see eachother much (for living in the same town that is). my daddy has never been to new york so i can't wait to see his reaction. i can picture him now...looking up to the middle of time square and saying in awe, "now this is really unbelievable." but he says it all slow and enunciated...un-be-lievable! it's cute. anyway, i hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable labor day weekend!

here is where i will be if you need me. just have them ring me...(this really is our hotel, but don't be alarmed, our uncle is extemely financially stable and is sponsoring our travel and stay. we get to see how the other side lives, haha :)

here are some of the people i will be with...yay, i'm excited.

hope everyone has a great weekend. bye, friends :)