September 09, 2005


this week is coming to a close :) it has been a good one, it just was kinda dragging a bit and friday is defintely welcomed. tomorrow after i get out of class at 2, lin and i are going to blackshear, ga, to lead a group of highschool girls at a 'discipleship now' conference. we are really excited. i had known about the d-now for some time because my roommate kara and her boyfriend, matt, are leading worship there. they have been practicing for it since we got back to school in early August and have been really pumped. tuesday we heard from a friend that they were really in need of leaders. i talked to lin about it and we decided it would be great fun and called and said we would help. supposedly there are a TON of kids signed up and i think it's going to be quite the throw-down. lin and i will be partners and will lead a group of 7 or so 13 year-old gals. we will stay at 'host homes' and lead Bible studies and participate in recreation. at night we will have worship with kk and matt, which is always wonderful. so please pray for the girls we will be leading as well as all the other girls and guys that will be there. and for us that we will be lights and examples and will help make their weekends fun and memorable. i know God will be speaking to the hearts of these young people. so exciting! wow, those girls that will be in our group don't know what they are getting into have us as leaders. i hope they can handle the random/silliness.

hope everyone has great weekends!

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Goat said...

Enjoy life, Love Jesus and help others find the way, keep it up! I run the Barnyard a blog you have visited and hope you revisit. Oh may I ask how you came across my blog? I tracbacked my sitemeter here.