September 12, 2005

"every little gonna be alright..."

in case you're having a bad-tiring-frustrating-melancholy-discouraging-asking questions that don't have answers-or just wanting to throw in the towel moment or day. just look at the pure joy on that face. i mean, you can't look at him and not smile...oh, my heart (it's happy, let me tell ya)


Jo said...

OH!!! how I miss that face! I wonder how he is doing at home?? have you heard anything?
Jenna, you're one of my favoritest people!

Jenna said...

hey josephinie! yes, i wonder about our lil notorious often. praying he made a good transition into a healthy home. i have not heard anything on him, but i'll let you know if i do. a big ditto on the fav people comment. love you!