September 01, 2005

painting the town

well in about 6 hours i'll be on a plane headed to the big city. I am going with the Tysons to New York to celebrate our uncle's birthday. it should be quite an event, and i am very much looking forward to the trip. i love ny, but i am especially excited because i get to see my big brother, whom i have not seen since may, as well as just get some fun times in with the fam (parents, gram, cousins, and uncle). with the busyness of life we really don't see eachother much (for living in the same town that is). my daddy has never been to new york so i can't wait to see his reaction. i can picture him now...looking up to the middle of time square and saying in awe, "now this is really unbelievable." but he says it all slow and enunciated...un-be-lievable! it's cute. anyway, i hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable labor day weekend!

here is where i will be if you need me. just have them ring me...(this really is our hotel, but don't be alarmed, our uncle is extemely financially stable and is sponsoring our travel and stay. we get to see how the other side lives, haha :)

here are some of the people i will be with...yay, i'm excited.

hope everyone has a great weekend. bye, friends :)

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