September 07, 2005

wasting a little time, drinking a little diet coke

it is gorgeous in GA today. the hot-weather-extravaganza may very well be coming to a long-awaited end. i have experienced 21 GA summers, and i am pretty sure this has been the hottest one. maybe it was because i was just outside a lot more. running around chasing kids can get a little heated, i suppose. but nevertheless, i am enjoying the fallish turn.

i am up at the church right now working (i use that term very loosely), calling some people to give money to a young couple who used to be really big in the college ministry here. very involved and great warriors for Christ in our small college town. they were attending seminary in New Orleans and have lost pretty much everything. they are moving back here and the church is putting them up in one of our "missions" houses. stewart shared their situation with us last night at our meeting and brought up the idea of stocking up their house with some essentials--toiletries, snacks, towels, etc. i talked to daddy and we are going to get them some bbq, etc. as well so they can have a good meal when they get here. my awesome friend ET just brought a bunch of stuff up here, including a homeade cake and some cookies. yum. luckily, this couple evacuated and have been staying with family in GA. thankfully for them, they had family and the means to get out and away from katrina. knowing them, i am sure they are optimistic, thankful, and giving the situations completely to God--which we all must do as it is our only answer in this time of sadness and uncertainty. it feels good to be contributing in some small way. there are a bunch of other ways to help on campus as well, clothes drive, blood drives, etc. so that is good.

in other, less serious news--new york was great fun. my family and i enjoyed it incredibly much. it was nice to get away and spend time with my brother, cousins, etc. the party for my uncle was out of control a little bit. his name is harville hendrix and is a famous christian psychologist. he is pretty big time as he has been on oprah several times and has written several books. he is actually my dad's uncle, so we are not very close with him (besides seeing him at family reunions), but my grandmother raised him after their parents died, making them very tight. so he of course wanted ole' iris there and invited the whole fam to join the fun. he and his wife have established an organization for marriage and family therapy called Imago. it was cool to hear stories as people roasted the bday boy about how he and his wife have helped save their marriages and families, etc. since i feel led to christian counseling it was a neat to get a little taste of what a difference it can make. bottom line: the par-tay was fun times for all.

well, i should get back to being productive. what's next on my agenda as FBC college intern? well, it's going to pick up stewart, my college minister, from class. what is wrong with this picture? i didn't read the part in my contract about chauffering. luckily, stew makes for great laughs. randomness at it's finest right there, let me tell you.

have great days! love to all

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