July 06, 2005

oh me oh my...

today was...out of control a lil bit. i'm not sure what is in the water here at Hephzibah, but it ain't workin for us. the kids were crazy today. even my good kids at some point or another stormed off crying, ended up in the corner, were mean to their friends, didn't listen (goes without saying, that's a given)...and don't get me started on the ones that are usually somewhat troublesome--it was basically useless to even try to round them up. to my team--nate, danielle, jermaine...a valiant effort, i'm sorry we were not victorious. i thought the day might never end. and as i was nearing the dining hall door at 4 o'clock--so close to ending it i could almost feel the door handle in my hands--you guessed it, a little last minute drama. artwork was dropped, trampled on (accidently, but like it matters), and the tears started rolling. but anyway, it did end and after comparing notes with the other counselors we realized that they were all possessed by something today. so we prayed it out and let it go, and now we are ready for tomorrow.

after work the boys played a little ball so i went to watch that for a bit, sonic in hand. went and put some gas in ravioli, and ran by the post office. now just playing on the computer a little bit. i also have made a very lengthy to-do list. mostly stuff at home that needs to be taken care of. as the list got longer and longer i started feeling the pressure, so i started writing down some stuff i have already done just so i could cross it off and make the list look a little more productive and a little less demanding. it worked..somewhat :)

well, i hope everyone has a good day tomorrow. hang in there!

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