July 05, 2005

america, america...God shed His grace on thee...

yes yes, call off the search parties, i am still alive even though you could never tell from my blog. i figured out the problem though, so that is good news. each time i try to blog i feel like i must go back and recap on all the fun times that happened that were not entered in to blogdom up to this point. but the feat is impossible, so i am just going to start with today. but just know, some fun and interesting stuff happened between june 14th and the present. it will just have to stay in my heart though because my fingers won't let me type it all out. just holler at your girl if you want a recap.

so today...wonderful. today we celebrated our independence and in honor of this joyous holiday, my amazing comrades and i enjoyed a cook out, a hilarious and entertaining movie, several volleyball games under perfect weather conditions, another great mini cookout, a beautiful fireworks show, and a nice long wait in a van during which we added a fun new game to our growing list of ways to learn about each other. we had a wonderful time of fellowship the whole day. i so love to laugh--which is good because we seem to do so a lot around here despite the fact that hardship and frustration lurk behind most corners. but it did not today, and for that i am thankful. this was a perfect day.

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