June 13, 2005

just another manic monday

did you know that in georgia the roads are like a big bowl of spaghetti? no grids, no organization...am i going east? am i going south? i was going north and then i turned, yet i'm still going north...blah blah blah...yeah, i know what you're thinking and i'm with you. why does this matter? well i think it has only made us stronger. we have learned to love eachother and be nice because of it. yeah, you might get lost, but chances are when you go into a store or roll down your window to ask directions people are at least sweet about it. we're about the lovin' here, and we know we've all been there before and we genuinely want to help eachother...so, there. the current score at HCH is GA-1, any other state that is not GA-1,298,849,230,492,000. but, i have hope for the peach state. (did i mention that we are also born optimists and naturally persevere?)

in other news, everything on the whole is going well. started the 2nd week of camp today. we have a couple groups here helping us so that is nice. they are very sweet and the kids are enjoying it so that is good. they are from indiana and nebraska, i believe. and i just want to put this out there for the general public to be aware of...i know it's hard to get used to, but people here do tend let the word "y'all" slip out basically in any sentence in which they are talking to or about two or more people. in our vocabulary it is right up there on the list with words like "the" or "and." it's hard for us to speak without it. i am amazed at the marveling of the use of this word, and just wanted to help lessen the fascination. also frequently used down here..."dagumit" and "do what now?" and "hey, listen to me! i asked you to do something and you need to do it!"--oh wait thats not exclusive to the south, just a daily Hephzibah phrase....

anyways, i am just being silly, because of the running joke about the georgia-bashing (eventhoughcoughcoughwe'reINgeorgiacoughcough) :) but no harm done...just remember you're in the south and even if you don't love us, we still love you.....and we have guns.

breakdown of the last few days:
-stayed in macon and hung out with the wonderful people here
-nate's honey came and stayed with us for the weekend. we love looy! she is very sweet.
-watched 2 good movies ('ladder 49' and 'the life of david gale')
-went to macon wesleyan, practiced making crafts, and hung out on sunday
-had a nice dinner at the Maguire's sunday evening
-went deep into John 1 with jo, keith, jake, and myself (as well as one of my new favorite people, the adorable Mr. George)--i love these people, they are so awesome and challenging (such a blessing!)
-had a nice long talk with a very wonderful friend who is very wise and always makes me feel good about myself and my capabilities.
-up and going this morning, and had a fun, challenging day.
-went to sonic with jo (have i mentioned what a cool gal she is? she's not scared of a route 44)
-now, just computer labbing it :)

in closing, i will say that even though the days here can make one a tad weary at times, God is very present and working. He is showing Himself and i am loving it! more on that later of course, but as for now, i will end this epic that i have written (that is if anyone is still reading it).

have a great week, talk to y'all later :)

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Jo said...

jenna--LOL! I laughed so much reading this. Have I mentioned how GLAD I am that you are here?! I am. (you are the most efficient georgian i know!!---that's an extreme compliment!)
ha. Peace---

p.s. I'm done with my route 44 for the day---but i could down another one! are you in?