June 10, 2005

hiiii there

i was right. that whole thing i said on my last blog about feeling lost or feeling stuck--yeah, that came true fairly quickly, if not immediately. i failed to mention but must also add being tired, being frustrated, feeling close to hopeless, yelling at non-so-innocent yet still heartbreakingly adorable children, and on and on--those things have been happening as well. and luckily the second part about God making a way still remains true even though at times its hard to see in the midst of the chaos we find ourselves in. but not to worry! each day will inevitably bring it's challenges, but we have the Ultimate Competitor on our side, so onward we press trying ever so hard to be a light for these kiddies. and i would be remise if i did not mention that each day is equally filled with moments of joy and laughter, cuteness beyond words, opportunities to guide and direct as well as solve problems, and of course frog pledges (very important). anyways, as this week comes to a close, i am just thankful to be here and be experiencing these things with all these great people.
tomorrow is a trip day--no idea what to expect on that one. i am just so thankful we are able to combine our group with nate's--i'm just not sure if jermaine and i could have made it through alone. and that will just make it a lot more fun. i hope the weather holds out and the kids enjoy it. i have heard where we are going is really neat, so it will be nice to get off campus.
ok, well time to call it a night. i really think i could have gone to sleep at like 3 this afternoon and slept through the night :)
goodnight and love to all...

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