June 05, 2005

say won't you say

well today has been nice. i went to church this morning at macon wesleyan with jo and nate. good ole PMA spoke about how God will make a way. such a true statement, and encouraging as well. i am sure that truth will come in handy here at hephzibah as i anticipate days where we may feel lost or stuck. these kids are precious, but realities here are hard, and knowing that God will provide us a way to deal and show these kids the unimaginable love of Jesus is a calming thought.
after church i went back to thomaston to spend time with my wonderful (21 year-old!) friend, linnie. what a blessing. i ate a birthday lunch with her and her family--who by the way, are hilarious. her granddaddy's are about the cutest things going. makes me miss pop and all his cuteness. i drove back around 5. i LOVE that drive. it is so peaceful and there is so much pretty stuff to look at. i have driven it there and back twice in the last 2 days, and i have listened to my new jen knapp cd (hence the title of this blog) the whole way both times. i have enjoyed sinGing :) at the top of my lungs and being so thankful no one can hear me. oh, but one sad thing did happen. let's just say i'm not sure that a bird can survive a hit by a car doing 80 on a back road in georgia.
now i am back at hephzibah and just playing on the computer. sent some love to some people through emails and just kind of relaxing. tomorrow will be a big day, but i think a fun one as well. i am looking forward to camp actually starting, meeting the people in the groups that will be helping, and just continuing to build relationships with the kiddies, as well as my wonderful new buddies.
it's fun knowing that you are exactly where you're supposed to be.
much love...

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