August 04, 2005

picture time, my friends...

here are some fun pics of the events of the past week or so. a lot has happened in a short period, that is for sure. saying goodbye to the big H and summer buddies (holler at your girl). hello to the boro and lots of house preparations, babysitting, etc. hectic and busy right now with lots going on, but my face-piece is smiling, don't worry :)

what a is jake and the adorable mr. george. he was seeing us off as we packed it up and headed out to lexington. i heart mr. george like it's nobody's business. i can't help smiling at just the utterance of his name. like right now, i'm smiling as i type.

massive cross we spotted (couldn't really miss it) while road trippin it. a big thanks to jake-stud who was our chauffer from ga to ky. good talks and fun times were had by all:)

jake's bff's, erin and dave...there are no words to decribe how awesome these two are. we were spoiled rotten in lexington.

final goodbyes to a great summer of truly amazing people...

my view as i headed home.
"Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies."
Psalm 36:5

me and lish, one of my new roommies. homegirl has already gotten 'new roommate of year award' at merrywood drive due to her hooking me up with a rug doctor treatment before i got home from lex and helping me paint the very large back room that belongs to me and lin.

mama came to help participate in the painting. little did she know we had other things in store for her (i.e. vaccuuming and cleaning sinks)

here i am showing my painting skills (do not listen to any rumors that i got paint all over the carpet or that i accidently painted over a couple of sockets)

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