August 13, 2005

my roommate, bri, and i are sitting in our dining room on our computers and have been for the past like 2 hours. this is sad to us. we have been being so lazy lately, it is starting to get to me. not that i haven't enjoyed the calm before storm of classes...and i have been somewhat productive as i have been cleaning and organizing my room along and along for the past week, it's just that i am realizing i like to have more of a purpose than that. plus, i just uttered the words "i wish wendy's delivered."

visited my little ones yesterday! adorable. same 'ole big H. drama city over there, but on the up and up. God's working (as always) and that's way more than enough assurance that all will be well.

well, since wendy's does not in fact deliver, i think i am going to try and talk bri and earle into going to grab some food. internet surfing and random conversations make a girl hungry.

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Jo said...

jenna you are the best!