January 23, 2006

hello friends. well i guess it is safe to say blogging has gotten away from me for the past few months! that is not to say that i have not been checking in on the blogs of cherished ones, but as for my personal blogging--things have gone down hill.

nutshell update:

last semester...
went very well. i enjoyed many things such as fun times with great roommates, a light workload school-wise, and lots of fun times working up at the church with stewart and the 2 other interns who i think just don't know what to do with me. they are either laughing at me or looking at me like, "what did you just say?" i give them the benefit of the doubt though because let's face it, besides the fact that sometimes i just do not make good sense, sentences saturated with a southern accent need to be repeated for clarity at times. it happens. luckily we southern gals (on the whole) are patient, y'all. anyway, i didn't know them very intimately prior to working together, but we all have such great conversations and it's really like we are one cute little family. with stewart as..our..dad? no...more like crazy uncle who gives us candy and tells semi-funny jokes, and whose humor comes out from just being randomly and unintentionally hilarious.

I am in the process of making some big decisions for next year...at the top of the list is graduate school. I am looking into a Social Work program that feels promising. Oh to see how God will work this. In the words of the The Eagles, "I've got a peaceful, easy feeling."

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