July 31, 2005

"act sad in case the girls are watching from their windows..."

so long hephzibah, it's been real. really hard, really challenging, really funny, really wonderful, really tiring, really really an experience to be pondered. we pulled away yesterday from the place we called home for the past couple months. we called it a couple other names too (haha), but at the end of the day with the promise of God never giving us more than we could handle, it was our home. right now i am in lexington, ky. didn't see that one coming when i set out to macon. but God had a greater (and a lot more fun) plan for us. this is how this scenario went down...my cherished roommate of the summer, whom i have shared many a laugh and many a deep conversation with, is starting seminary tomorrow (she is such a big girl!) here in lexington. it just so happened that one of our other wonderful friends that we were blessed with this summer has best friends that live in lexington as well. so yes, you are probably thinking what we were thinking, and thus the idea of our road trip was born:) we loaded it all in yesterday afternoon and the 3 of us drove to kentucky where we were met with a huge welcome and flawless hospitality (jake's friends, dave and erin...the epitamy of "dec"). we are having a wonderfully relaxing time here (much needed). i fly out tomorrow night to jacksonville where mama and daddy will be waiting to pick me up, yes they are the best ever, this is a true statement. this weekend was just what we needed and i praise God for the opportunity to have that time of fun and fellowship to strengthen the wonderful bonds He formed this summer. i am so thankful to the kujaks. they helped bring us back to the world of real food(a-mazing), real beds (the kind that when you get up your body is imprinted in the mattress--it was s-t-raight), circular doorknobs, and much much more. my heart has not been broken in days :)

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